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Castle Hill Above and Below
Castle Hill  Above and Below
Castle Hill Above and Below Gallery: Paintings on Canvas *NEW* Description: This art piece was the first individual painting I tackled so meditating deeply about the combined association behind each layer of experience was very important to enable the complete story to develop. The layers in relation to Townsville’s West End cemetery, the base of Castle Hill, St Peter’s Church (also situated in West End) and Kerala, India, all included the symbol of the Christian cross as part of each environment. Symbolically, the cross signifies the earthly horizontal plane and the spiritual vertical plane. Mapping the experiences in my mind helped me to work on an earth, body, spirit and soul connection that I had experienced in these places. From a mindset where the earth is represented by place, body as world-conscious, spirit as God-conscious and soul as self-conscious, different processes were explored in order to create the right form of communication. A challenge that required many changes. As the paint floated across the surface like a watercolour in the peaceful atmosphere from my meditative mindset, the developing image and place experiences were all in harmony at last. After the dozens of layers and days of application the work found its own duality of a grounded yet ephemeral and spiritual atmosphere.
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