Barbara Cheshire - Outside In - Perciva Finalist 18.jpg

Barbara Cheshire


138cm x 152 cm

Oil on Canvas

Inspired and impressed, I watched Dr Jonathan McBurnie constantly draw as he focused on the serious nature of a meeting we were both attending.


That he could give two such diverse elements his undivided attention was fascinating.


Therein started my sketches of the sketcher while he was engrossed in both areas.


The birth and desire to paint Jonathan began in that moment as sketches slowly developed at each council meeting.


Thus, the portrait ‘Outside In’ signifies a perception of the connection between ‘narrative threads’ that combine part of Jonathan’s self-expression on popular culture with his quiet intelligence, skill, thoughtful compassion and zest for life.


The psychological colours and photorealist optic of the artwork seek to enter into the tension between the outer and inner visages of the man himself.


On a deeper level, it is also an attempt to better understand the constants of life that connect us all as human beings through shared daily experiences.